The process of restoring your furniture may involve many different steps, depending on the needs and wants of the client.


We use a process called "no dip stripping," meaning that your furniture does not sit in a vat of remover, which can cause damage to your beloved piece. Nor do we use belt sanding in the process of stripping your old finish. Every piece is hand stripped and finished with three to four coats of a lacquer or urethane, which protects it from dings, scratches, watermarks, or other damage.


Repairs can cover a wide variety of "fix its." Some pieces need to be reglued, which can mean taking apart the piece, removing the old glue and regluing and clamping the piece together. If your piece needs replacement parts, we hand carve them, using wood from older, unwanted pieces that we keep in the shop. In this way, we can more adequately match the replacement parts to the original piece.

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