December 1972


A father of three, Vernon decided to make a train garden for the holidays. He began by placing a large piece of plywood across the coffee table, sawing through the plywood and the coffee table. So, it was off to the antique shops to find a replacement. Instead of a new coffee table, Vernon purchased an oak dining room drop leaf table, which had been painted black. With his, "experience" sawing tables, he cut the table down to coffee table height, hand-stripped the black paint and refinished it to a beautiful and durable new table. The finish was so durable, it withstood years of model building, finger painting, and other craft projects and doubled as a "Hot Wheels" race track. This same coffee table is still in the family, in the home of Vernon's eldest son.


Forty-one years and hundreds of pleased clients later, Vernon has mastered the art of furniture restoration, accepting jobs including pieces that other professionals have declared unsalvageable. Several years ago, a client called about a rather large 1700's tavern table that had been stored, in pieces,  in a barn for decades. The owners wanted it repaired and refinished and had been unable to find anyone willing to take on the job. Working together with the client, all agreed on a course of action to return the table to its original state. Once back in the shop, the piece was carefully assessed, the old stains matched, cleaned, and returned to a state that was as close as possible to the original. The transformation was amazing and we wondered what stories this table could tell!